Letters from our happy customers

Many customers have written to us and told us that they are satisfied with our products. We would like to show you a small excerpt of these letters. We have, however, only taken parts out of some of the sometimes very substantial letters to save space and provide you with the important points.
Write to us if you have questions or comments, or even if you just want to say that you are a satisfied customer.

Mrs R. S. from K
Wonderful care ….. foot lotion, footbath extract, vitamin creams and especially the zellacream are absolutely fantastic. My feet and legs have thanked me with freshness, vitality, and smoother, softer skin."

Mrs M. A. from W
I have been wearing your e.b. system for a year now. After many painful years, I can walk without discomfort again at long last. I had given up all hope. I even wear them in my wellington boots when working in the garden. I don’t want to live without them any more. Heartfelt thanks to your considerate consultant who advised me unobtrusively and competently."

Mrs M. H. from K
How happy I am to have your inner soles. I spend 12-14 hours a day on my feet. I am very grateful that you convinced me."

Mrs C. L. from R
After 4 weeks of wearing your e.b. system, I was a new person. I can only say: the investment was worth it. It’s like a salvation, no pressure pains any more. I can walk without any problems in any shoe. Many thanks for the first-rate advice."

Mrs M. B. from S
I have made the experience, that it is never too late to do something good and sensible for your feet. I’m not giving my e.b. system away to anyone. I feel unbelievably comfortable with it. Oh and before I forget: after the course of treatment with your wonderful zellacream I feel like I’m born again!"