How does the e.b. foot support system work?

The e.b. foot support system is a tested and proven remedy for sore feet and related problems.

The combination of elastic heel support, anti-shock cushions and massage pelottes provide extremely effective support, allowing your feet and body to relax.

The e.b. foot support system compensates the damaging forces to our body that occur with every step, providing shock absorption at the source of the impact – below the foot in your shoe. You will experience immediate relief, as e.b.foot support system not only prevents pain and aches, but also effectively supports the muscles of the entire body – especially those used in walking.

What is so special about the e.b. foot support system?

The e.b. foot support system adopts the function of the 3-point anti-shock system of your foot. It enhances blood flow back to your heart, invigorates your feet, trains your muscles and reduces the impact on your body that occurs with every step you make.

The e.b. foot support system is not rigid at all. Instead it is an active insert that supports and strengthens your musculature, sinews and ligaments. With e.b. foot support system, you experience a great lift to your feet, relieving the load of your body weight.

The e.b. foot support system consists of two parts: a forked spring section and a cushioned massage pelotte. There are a number of different massage pelottes available for your e.b. system that are easy to fit.

Based on your footprint and your body weight, we will select a suitable e.b. model for you.

Massage pelotte
Exchangeable, soft as velvet, with integrated pump-action massage. Eliminates burning,stinging and other pain in the foot.

Forked spring
Extremely thin and light, yet durable and strong. It supports every move you make.

Base of massage pelotte
Anti-shock cushions protect the
inner and outer balls of your foot against
damaging impact and thus provide relief
to the muscles, ligaments and joints
of the lower extremities.

The benefits of the e.b. foot support system: Even the best shoe cannot provide 3-point shock absorption with pump-action massage. The difference lies in the insole placed between the foot and the ground. e.b. foot support system is not just a shoe insole made from comfortable materials. Rather, it has several mechanical features which provide relief to your feet and ensure that they can carry your body without any discomfort.

The e.b. foot support system thus have a number of advantages over similar products.

When walking on hard floors, which is the main cause of foot pain, your feet and your body are cushioned from impact - and thus protected.

As your body weight is distributed evenly over the feet pressure points disappear, while the flow of blood to the heart is improved. At the same time the integrated pump-action system massages the delicate toe and ball section of your feet with every step.

The e.b.foot support system is a thin, elastic foot support system that lasts for many years and can be worn in all types of shoes, including fashionable open designs.

The e.b.foot support system brings the bounce back to your walk.

It fits perfectly and is extremely comfortable to wear. Soon walking, standing, hiking and even dancing will be a pleasure again.  

Only the e.b. foot support system combines a 3-point anti-shock protection with pump-action massage, effectively relieving any strain on your feet, legs and back.