Why do your feet need
e.b. foot support system?

Healthy feet have a natural 3-point anti-shock system which protects them against impact damage. A foot rests on three points of support connected by three springy arches. When walking, the arches act as shock absorbers, reducing the impact of the person’s body weight. We are all born with this natural anti-shock system. To maintain it through life, however, we would have to walk barefoot over natural ground, where the outer and inner ball of the foot and the heel land on soft soil and where the shifting of weight from one foot to the other provides natural muscle training.

Today, we normally walk on hard floors and concrete or stone pavements. Muscles, ligaments and tendons become slack. The natural anti-shock system of the feet wastes away. Due to this modern lifestyle, more and more people suffer from problems with their feet.

Many people have jobs where they perform ergonomically unnatural movements and assume unhealthy postures, pushing the body to the limit of its physical strain-bearing capacity.

Even normal walking causes shockwaves when the heel strikes the ground. This corresponds to an impact of nearly 80-100 % of the body’s weight.

These vibrations are generated when the foot strikes the ground, and traveling at high speed through the lower leg, knee, thigh and hip all the way to the cervical vertebrae. One of the functions of the cartilage in the joints is the absorption of shocks and vibration. For many people the cartilage is unable to fulfil this function, as it loses its elasticity under stress and as we grow older.

Most of us are unfortunately familiar with the consequences: stinging and burning pain in the feet, tired feet and legs, sore joints from the feet to the neck, poor blood circulation, etc.

As we get older and look forward to enjoying an active and healthy life after many years at work, we often find that the body is not up to it.

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